NEET Cracking Strategies for Biology Exam

Becoming a successful professional doctor is what every medical student dreams of Students put years of hard work and a lot of amount of money to pursue their passion.  In order to get admission into a top-notch college, it is important to crack National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). In such a situation, it becomes important to not only work hard but to also work smartly.  Just a little time is left to prepare for NEET2018, you might be studying day and night to pass with flying colors. But sometimes being guided in the right direction is important, though NEET is mostly based on NCERT syllabus and thus complete analysis of the same is a must.To prepare for NEET 2018, one needs a proper schedule and a timetable to ease the preparation process.

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New Notifications by MCI to pursue NEET 2018

NEET is viewed as placement test in India which each applicant willing to be a specialist in Medical field needs to pass.

To seek any medical course at a graduate or at postgraduate level, from a government or private colleges, a student needs to pass NEET. This exam is approved worldwide by CBSE consistently to test the general knowledge of each individual with respect to Medicine. This exam is taken to restrict the students from the non-Medicinal background or someone with below average scores to get into Medical schools of India.

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How to study for a Medical Entrance Test

Opting for a medical profession is not an easy decision. A lot of students after 12th standard aspire to become a doctor but not all qualify the same. After thinking over and over again, if you too are one of the students who want to try his/her luck at Medical entrance Test, we are here to help you. The syllabus for the entrance test is drawn from CBSE curriculum of 11th and 12th standard, which makes it easy for students to go through it. These entrance exams are prepared in multiple-choice format and are held at national/ state/ University level in India. Medical Industry has shown some immense growth in the past few years and thus the demand for Medical professionals is also growing. A lot of times, students also go to education consultants to know about the latest exams, the application process, application dates and so on. We at Akshah education, consult students about the possible options of studying MBBS in abroad.Medical-overseas-EducationWhile Indian MBBS education is expensive, a lot of students consider an option of moving to a foreign country to realize their dream.

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5 Myths of Studying Abroad

In a fast-paced world, where people are reaching heights, we still cling to our comfort Zone and doesn’t usually want to take a bold step of moving to some unknown place. A lot of people think twice before taking this step, but once taken it could prove to be one of the most enchanting experiences of your life, all you need to do is push your boundaries and take a decision. It not just boosts your career but also give your personality a competitive edge.

If studying Abroad is on your bucket list too but your mind is clouded with the myths, we help you bust them.

 studying abroad myths

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