Avoid Memory Overload while Preparing for NEET.

Have you ever faced a time where you might have want to read a particular topic twice or thrice, just because you didn’t understand it at first.

Do you keep looking for youtube tutorials and online help to understand the concepts better? Worry not! You are not alone in this race.

A lot of students go through the same situation while preparing for NEET. We are here to help you through this hurdle. We will list out few of the methods for you which will help you retain the topics much easily. Prepare for NEET2018 with Akshah Education. Work on your memory and maximize your learning ability with us.


Our new tips and tricks will help you absorb as much new information as you want and thus relieve the stress you have been holding on for long.

  • Order of learning: Always go from basic level of learning to advance level. Keep in mind what you have already learned in past and then go ahead with the new information. One step at a time. The sequence of learning plays an important role in understanding the concepts. Try to relate the simpler concepts with complex ones. A good base helps in easy understanding of the whole topic.


  • Focus on current actions at times rather than long term goals:  Many a times, we focus so much on our long term goals that current action becomes directionless. Stay in present moment while making your study schedule and do what the current situation demands. Goals are important but do not let long term goals distract you from the present actions.
  • Prefer Quality over quantity: To prepare for NEET efficiently, focus on the quality of learning rather than loading your memory with multiple author Books, sample Papers and other reference materials. The more diversified study material you will study, the more your mind will be tangled with abundant of information and it will be able to absorb and retain less of useful information.
  • Take a help from a teacher: A lot of times re-reading the same context, study material and online tutorials end up creating more doubts and confusion, thus it is recommended to take help from a teacher to get a quick solution.

On a concluding note, you are advised to follow these tips and tricks to increase your memory and succeed not just in NEET but also in the exam of your life.

Keep aside the stress and start preparing for your dream exams.

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