Path of Becoming a Doctor

Becoming a Doctor isn’t an easy decision, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication and efforts to complete the medical studies.

There are numerous medical schools that provide high-quality Medical education to national as well as international students, but students often get confused with which country should they opt to study. To add to their difficulty level, there are universities which allow only local students to study, whereas the universities which allows international students, have only a small portion of seats for them. If you are looking to study medicine in US, then you might be lucky because most of the top US universities accepts foreign students.

Countries like Georgia, Ukraine and Russia also welcome foreign students heartwarmingly. The cost of studying MBBS in these countries is cheaper as compared to Indian Medical study.

Studying Medicine Abroad provides students with invaluable experience and quality education.

Best Suitable country to study Medicine :

Eastern European and Asian Countries like Europe, China, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, caribbean and Georgia are most demanding countries to study MBBS. Europe is considered to be most of the student’s favorite destination to study because of the affordable fees structure, high quality of education, direct admission into MBBS, MCI and WHO approved universities.

Courses Offered In Europe :

Medicine: Medical Courses in Europe lasts for around 6 years, released title after completion of course is a Doctor of Medicine (MBBS)


Dental: Dental Course in Europe lasts for around 5 years, released title after completion of the course is a graduate Dentistry (BDS)


Paediatrics: This course last for about 6 Years and the released title is Doctor (Paediatrician)


Nursing: The course lasts for 2 years and the released title after completion of course is a Nursing Degree.


Post Graduation Study: Duration of a PG education in Medical field is mostly of 2 to 3 years.


Universities of Ukraine provide high-quality education at affordable fees. There are various medical universities that are affiliated to Medical Council of India.

Special Attention is given to each student in the class as the class size is small compared to Indian Universities.

Universities have huge campus with all facilities including Medical Labs to practice their profession.

Whereas Georgia is becoming one of the most popular destination for Indian Students to study Medicine.

Georgia is situated to the east of famous black sea.
Through Akshah Education, one can easily apply to the top Medical Universities of Georgia as well as Ukraine.

Few of the Universities that one can apply to are as follows:

Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Denmark have special policies to attract foreign students. Best MBBS colleges in Abroad destination considered by students to pursue medical education. It is one of the most economical destination, thus a lot of Indian Students choose to opt for it.

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