Best Education Consultant in India for MBBS abroad

Applying for MBBS abroad is not an easy task, it involves more than just filling a form. Often students drop the idea of studying abroad just because they have no one to guide through the whole process.

To make the task of applying abroad easy, Education consultants play an important role, from helping you choose the right course and university for you to making all the accommodation arrangements in foreign country, they hold your hand till the end. To the students aspiring to study MBBS, Akshah Education comes with affordable packages, our team consist of highly professional people who have ample knowledge about various universities and their fee in Europe, more specifically, MBBS in Ukraine and Georgia. The main responsibility of any education consultant is to understand the needs of their students and act accordingly. A good educational consultant goes through a proper research about the needs and requirements of a student and makes necessary changes for his/her well being.

The procedure with Akshah Education starts right from the VISA support letter from department of higher education, followed by pickup from Airport by the university representatives, students are provided with commuting facility from the airport to the university. After reaching the campus hostel student I.D cards and hostel cards are provided to students. A bank account for an individual is opened. After issuing local sim cards we make sure our students go through zero difficulty from the time they enter abroad till the time their studies are not over.

There are basic services that a good education overseas consultancy offers and one must always look into while consulting:
After getting to know your academic qualifications, career goals, financial status and work experience, they will appoint you a suitable and an experienced counsellor for you. The counsellor will guide you about the appropriate universities according to your needs and area of interest.

Financial Planning for studies:
After the course has been decided, counsellors will help you with the finances. They will help you reach your dreams in the most cost-effective way. Providing students with the option of scholarships and loans, they make it an easier option for students to best places to study abroad. Not just this, they also tie you up with financial institutions that can help you with loans and other credit facilities.

Documentation Support:
Having all the necessary documents with right information is a very important step for getting student visa. Expert team will check and edit all your documents for hassle free admissions. In case, any document is missing or invalid, they will help you prepare the right documents for you.

University Selection:
After knowing your personal and financial constraints, they give you the available university options as per your preferences. You can then discuss the options available with your family or friends and make further decision.

University Application:
After the university is chosen, they help you fill an error-free application form to be submitted to the university. This is the final stage and requires a lot of concentration. Any sort of error or mistake will lead to cancellation of the form. That is why they are here to guide you before submitting the final form.

Visa Processing:
Submitting the right documents is the first step for acquiring the Visa. The consultants will guide you through whole of the process of applying for a Visa. They get you in touch with high commission and embassies if needed.






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