Best Medical Universities Abroad which are a Ticket to Success

Not all students dream about studying Best MBBS Colleges in Abroad, but it turns out to be a good option when it comes to getting into universities with affordable fee structure. Every year around 10,000 students opt for foreign countries to study MBBS. We have listed out few countries that offers best Medical Education abroad:
Best MBBS Universities Abroad-Akshah Education

MBBS in Ukraine:

Ukraine has been on the top list of students willing to study MBBS.

It is not just the affordable fees structure of the universities here, but quality of education that matters the most.

Students from all over the world considers the standards of education in the host country before getting into it. Ukraine also have a good amount of Indian students to make you feel comfortable, the the universities there also serves you with tempting Indian food, neat and clean hostel rooms and a other facilities to make it easy for them to survive in an unknown country.

If we consider all the factors, Ukraine is considered to be a comfortable and affordable place to Study MBBS.

Here are MCI and WHO approved Medical universities of Ukraine that most of the students consider while applying for MBBS abroad.


To get admission in the universities of USA, one must qualify a Pre-Medical Course, i.e a Bachelor of Science (B.S) program before applying in any of the university in USA.

The Medical system there is well organized by the organisation of USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination). There are more than 350 Medical Universities in USA that aims to provide excellent Medical Education. One must go for a USMLE approved top medical universities. One such university is  Spartan Health Science University.

It is one of the oldest Medical University in USA.

MBBS in China:

MBBS education in China is considered one of the cost friendly and effective option to go for.  Studying in China will leave you not just with a bundle of knowledge but with a pocket full of memories too. For Indian students, studying in china have 45 options to choose from, as there are around 45 MCI approved universities. Cost of studying in China is much lesser than any other country in the world.

Entrance test required to study Medicine in China is called SET (STANDARD ENTRANCE TEST). It is a common and a general examination conducted by the government of China to check the general Knowledge of students.

MBBS in Russia:

International Students prefer to study MBBS in Russia because of the subsidized fee structure by Russian Ministry of Health & Education.

High Quality of education combined with Low cost is what attracts the students to study MBBS in Russia. All the Medical Universities of Russia are WHO and MCI approved so that a Student after graduating through them can practice anywhere around the world.

Duration of the MBBS program in Russia is for 6 years out of which 1 year of internship must be done in India itself.
Universities that one can consider while taking admission in Russia are:

MBBS in Georgia:

With a lot of WHO recognised medical colleges in Georgia, it is becoming popular destination for Indian Students. Tbilisi and other parts of Georgia have a lot of Medical Universities, and provides students with the spirit of learning and research. Universities in Georgia provide affordable as well as

There are a lot of benefits of studying in Georgia than any other country and thus Students are willing to apply at universities in Georgia.

For a medical program at universities like David Tvildiani Medical University and Caucasus International University, there is no need to submit IELTS or TOEFL scores. Medical courses at these universities are well-recognised across the globe and thus students after graduating from here can successfully practice their profession in any part of the world.

A medical program from a university in Georgia is recognised in India as well.

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