All you need to know about National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET)

NEET is considered medical entrance examination in India which every candidate willing to be a doctor needs to pass.
In order to pursue any medical course at graduate or at postgraduate level, from government or private universities, a student need to pass NEET. It is a worldwide approved examination conducted by CBSE every year to test the overall knowledge of students regarding medicine. This exam does not allow any student from non-Medicinal background or somebody with below average scores to get admission into Medical colleges in India. NEET is one of the most talked about exam in India among Medical students, children prepare for it from their school days itself.

This examination permits one to study in government medical and dental colleges and Private colleges all over India except for states like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
Before the examination starts, a list of rules and guidelines is prepared as per the directions of Supreme court of India, DGHS, MCI and DCI. This list is is meant to be followed strictly by the students appearing for the examination.

Some Important facts and figures about NEET Examination.

  • The exam is conducted only in one mode, i.e Pen and Paper.
  • To ensure that students don’t cheat in the examination, the medical council themselves provide students with all the necessary stationery items required for writing the exam.
  • Candidates can write their exam in 10 different languages including English, Hindi and Bengali.
  • A student loses one mark for every wrong answer while for every correct answer plus 4 marks are credited.


CBSE has given guidelines on the dress code and other instructions that are to be followed while appearing for exam, these instructions are clearly given in admit card, and thus we share them with you so that students can be prepared in advance, Candidates must note that no arrangement will be made for them to keep their unrequired items in the examination centres. In case any candidate is found with the items that weren’t allowed by the authorities, strict actions will be taken against her/him. Because of the tough NEET competition in India, students earlier used to apply for foreign universities. Countries like Russia, Ukraine, China and Georgia provides students with high quality of education at affordable rates, but from 2018 onwards, students willing to study MBBS in abroad will also have to appear for NEET. This step has been taken to prevent mediocre medical aspirants from getting a degree from foreign medical colleges merely on the basis of money or connections.


Thus, every student willing to become a doctor will have to appear for NEET from 2018 onwards.  As the government aims at improving the quality of education thus it becomes necessary for them to scrutinise every candidate before sending them abroad, as these candidates represent our country.

How to Become a Successful Doctor?

A doctor plays a crucial role when it comes to rescue a patient’s life.

Even a minor negligence from his side can make the whole case go upside down, therefore it becomes necessary for a Doctor/Nurse to handle every case with caution and also to have all the necessary documents/ instruments beforehand.

A Doctor examines the patient beforehand and results of any appropriate investigations will be hand over for the review. The first concern of any Doctor should be taking care of their patients. A simple act of kindness can sometimes affect them more than any medicine or surgery, so before finding out what medicines and treatment has to be given, it is necessary for a Doctor be kind and Compassionate with the patient.

Best MBBS Colleges in Abroad- AE

Best MBBS Colleges in Abroad- AE

It is their duty to listen to all that a patient has to tell about their disease, after listening wholeheartedly and carefully, a doctor must make the patient feel comfortable and also counsel him/her about how the disease is curable.
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Reasons to Enrol for MBBS colleges in Europe

enrol for mbbs

Student imagining to end up specialist have diverse reasons.

Regardless of the possibility that most students in Europe get into restorative schools upon secondary school graduation, it is never late to contemplate medication. In a few nations like USA, most students go to medical schools after graduation or even in the wake of getting work experience. The reason pulling in students to contemplate prescription is different. After graduation from medical school and progress towards becoming Doctor or some other therapeutic authority, there is a heavy scope for future employment. After getting the restorative degree you can work in clinics, science foundations, and general medical services or be a piece of the therapeutic section of some other science. Specialists can likewise oversaw human services costs in efficient sciences, or collaborate as a piece of legal sciences in demonstrating medicinal mistakes and patients’ rights. You have chosen to think about medicine toward becoming specialist yet ponder which medical university to pick? At that point you may consider the accompanying reasons numerous students like you choose to think about studies abroad. High intensely passage prerequisites of getting into medication Applying to pharmaceutical can be an unfathomably difficult process in light of the fact that in many nations, in view of much a bigger number of students wish to ponder solution than accessible spots.

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Top 10 universities to study medicine Abroad

Examining pharmaceutical abroad has turned out to be exceptionally prevalent on account of the high difference in limit of restorative colleges in various nations and student’s request. Educational cost charges and everyday costs, confirmation requirements, certificate acknowledgement are among criteria to think about when choosing where to study abroad. Most worldwide students who go to contemplate medical studies abroad have first attempted or investigate the possible outcomes to get into restorative colleges in their own nation. Here we bring top 10 Best MBBS Colleges in Abroad

top 10 medical Universities
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