How to study for a Medical Entrance Test

Opting for a medical profession is not an easy decision. A lot of students after 12th standard aspire to become a doctor but not all qualify the same. After thinking over and over again, if you too are one of the students who want to try his/her luck at Medical entrance Test, we are here to help you. The syllabus for the entrance test is drawn from CBSE curriculum of 11th and 12th standard, which makes it easy for students to go through it. These entrance exams are prepared in multiple-choice format and are held at national/ state/ University level in India. Medical Industry has shown some immense growth in the past few years and thus the demand for Medical professionals is also growing. A lot of times, students also go to education consultants to know about the latest exams, the application process, application dates and so on. We at Akshah education, consult students about the possible options of studying MBBS in abroad.Medical-overseas-EducationWhile Indian MBBS education is expensive, a lot of students consider an option of moving to a foreign country to realize their dream.

To help you ace the Medical Journey, we have prepared a list of how a student aspiring to become a doctor should study for a Medical Entrance Test :

Get familiar with the curriculum: An important step before beginning with the learning process is to get familiarised with the syllabus. Know what is important, prioritize your syllabus according to the marks allocated to each unit. This would build the base to your learning process and would also increase confidence. All the Medical Entrance Exams held in India are prepared according to the CBSE syllabus of 11th and 12th. Question paper a total of 200 questions and the time duration allotted to complete the exam is three hours, but these exams usually come with a Negative marking scheme.

Manage your time well: Time management is an important aspect while studying for your exams. As quoted by  Benjamin Franklin, “Time is Money”, every second that you spend not working on your dreams, costs you a lifetime of opportunities. Therefore, prioritize your actions and notice how exam related stress goes away gradually. Plan your Studying schedule, make a timetable and then proceed with it. You might initially face a little difficulty while implementing the timetable, but if you stick to it dedicatedly, you will soon be going with the flow of your studies.

Previous Year Sample Papers: Solving previous year question papers help identify the pattern of examination, time allocation and time management techniques. Always collect a lot of previous year question papers, you can search for them online or even ask for them at a bookstore or a library. Look for different sections, their marks, and time allotted for those questions, try to solve it within given time frame. Practice as if you are sitting in an examination room and giving your final exam. This would help you prepare for the final day.

Eliminate Stress: Stress won’t lead you anywhere. Relax, rejuvenate and then start studying. The more you’ll worry, the more it will hinder your concentration power. Enjoy while you learn each new topic, this way you will not just learn quickly but also the retention power will increase.

Face your fears: Identify your strengths and weaknesses and then start working on them. Do not avoid or ignore your past mistakes. Work on them rigorously and turn them into an opportunity. Avoiding your fears and weaknesses will hamper your growth and won’t let you completely achieve your dreams.

We at Akshah Education have emerged as a benchmark in coaching and counseling students to study MBBS abroad. We are a right option for an individual willing to be a Doctor. We provide assistance not just before your admission but also during the course and this is what makes us a trustworthy name in the industry.

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