Tips for Parents Before Letting their Children Settle Abroad

Stay Updated: Different Countries have different set of educational qualifications, before admitting your child to any of the foreign countries, parents must get familiar with the academic culture prevailing in that particular country and university.

They should make sure that the career scope after getting back to India is as good as in Abroad. Degree earned in foreign country should be acceptable by MCI and WHO, for them to further practice in India.

Though most of the students get job in the same country where he/she has studied, but in case any student wants to return back in India, he/she must have the relevant degree.

Parents should consult a reliable and a good overseas education consultants in India who can clear all these doubts and make it a journey worth remembering.

A good counsellor would not only direct and guide you but will also provide you with all sort of information.

MBBS Education for Indian Students-Akshah Education

Let Go : Now that your child is going to live independently for few years, it is important to let them take their decisions themself and to also trust them while they are away.

Usually before the departure, parents get a lot anxious and nervous for their child, at such times, it become important for parents to let go their emotions and act as a strength for their children.


Smart Packing : While going to study MBBS in Abroad, one must prepare a list of all the necessary things so that  none of them is left out.

Packing your bags light is a smart way while traveling, necessary yet minimal things is the mantra while packing.


Communication : While your child is going to best MBBS college in abroad for so many years, a constant communication is the key.

Homesickness is a serious problem among students staying away from parents and can lead to both anxiety and other issues, to avoid such negative emotions, one should keep communicating with their parents and visa versa.

Social Media and other internet connecting apps play a vital role while connecting with your loved ones staying far places.


Managing the Finances : Parents need to teach their children some good financial management tips before leaving for another country.

In an altogether new place, efficient management of funds become really important, students should be aware of necessary and unnecessary expenses.


Responsibilities:  Students should be well aware about their responsibilities as a person and also towards their studies. While their parents are spending such heavy amount on them, they should take up a responsibility and prove their worth to them.


Food Habits: It is better to let your children know that they are not going to get their familiar food items every time, in such a scenario, it’s better if they depend on fresh fruits and vegetables from the market.



Preparation for Home Return: A lot of times, after staying abroad for so many years children aren’t really ready to adapt to environment of their home country, in such a case, parents need to be supportive and should understand needs and requirements of their children. They should know that children need some time after getting back home to get back to normal.

Parents must not just be there to guide and support their children but should possibly see situations from their children’s viewpoint. This would lead to better understanding.

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